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Alyson Stoker

Recently graduating as a mature student in Art and Design from the University of Sunderland, Alyson Stoker combines a wide variety of media to create these unique 'cityscapes'. Inspired by the urban environment and the physical spaces we inhabit, Alyson explores structural and architectural elements, arrangements of spaces, texture, and how colour occupies a space. Her aim as an artist is to challenge perceptions of scale, 3-dimensionality, reality and experience. The creative process involves making models of different building types encountered in cities, and photographs them from a low point of view to distort the viewer's sense of scale. She says; 'The buildings are imaginary, their facades enlivened with vibrant colour, exhuberent patterns and unorthodox geometry - qualities often abscent from today's city centres'. Alyson has exhibited widely in Sunderland, and her work features in several private collections.