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Bob Barron

Born in County Durham, Bob Barron studied Art at Sunderland College of Art, and has spent much of his working life in the North East of England apart from periods in Australia, Cornwall and London. He has recently relocated and now works from his studio in Southampton. He has exhibited widely throughout the UK and has works in national, gallery, hospitality and corporate collections and also with private patrons worldwide.

Bob works with mixed media, notably discarded packaging and old roof slate as well as making works in oil on canvas and paper. In the mixed media works, texture is an important feature and the colours are fairly muted, mainly greys and earthy. The oil on canvas and paper series began as a change and contrast to these torn, scored, eroded surfaces and offered the opportunity to apply flat areas of pure colour in a variety of tints and tones, using clean, precise lines.

Overall, his work tends towards a minimalist style: some pieces are abstract using geometric shapes - especially the circle - a form and an idea that has shaped all civilisations; others may incorporate images from the past or present because, “if my work is about anything, it is about the passage of time made corporeal through certain images, surfaces and textures.”