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Charaka Simoncelli

Charaka Simoncelli began painting at an early age, which she spent in northern Italy. She decided to study art because she found in it the feeling of peace and freedom, studying different techniques and fundamental pictorial concepts at the Steiner Academy of Art, Milan. She was also influenced by her travels to India, where she studied at the University of Creativity (Pune) and discovered Eastern meditation.

Charaka's work is about space and decoration. Drops of intense, bright colours stretch to create stems of bushes, flowers or rose buds. She uses landscape themes, close to the artistic experiments by Italian painter Carlo Mattioli in the 1940's, balancing between figurative expression and abstract space. Sometimes Charaka integrates pieces of paper, sheets of newspaper and pages torn from her own collection of souvenirs, and works only with primary colours to create her own tones.