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Diane Drayne

Having originally studied Textile Design in Belfast, Diane Drayne continued to indulge her passion for travelling and nature photography whilst living and teaching Art in the Bahamas. She has also worked as a Lecturer in Creative Arts in Trinidad, where she was particularly inspired by the beautiful colours and natural forms she encountered whilst living in the rainforest. Over the years, flowers have become a central theme for Diane's work. In her desire to capture their intricate beauty and detail, she also aims to give the viewer a unique insight into the world of flowers, through the medium of photography. Diane adds; 'Passionate about flowers, when I look through the lens it feels like I am being transported into another world . . . a journey that I hope the viewer will experience themselves'. The resulting images act as potent visual reminders of the colour and vibrancy of nature which surrounds us every day, but is often overlooked.