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Feena Carey

Combining a modern sense of beauty with the traditional still life subject of flowers, Feena Carey's work is inspired by images to be found in glossy interior and lifestyle magazines. Painting directly from these images, she builds up elements from different sources to create a collage effect on canvas. Feena explains; 'In this way, the object, which has already been interpreted by the magazine's stylist and photographer, is re-evaluated - moving away from the subject in its natural state but capturing the essence of it'. The results are striking, employing bold colour and a strong sense of design to explore and reinterpret flowers and floral patterns. Having studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art at Oxford University and Screenprinting at Putney School of Art, Feena now works as a Graphic Designer, specialising in wallpapers and fabrics. However she still finds time to paint in her London based studio, and has exhibited in London and New York in the last year - in addition to producing work for several publications and a TV commercial!