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Grace Carlon

The images that photographer Grace Carlon aspires to capture are the result of time spent in an environment overlooked by most, 'seeking and find unique beauty' in the mundane, everyday objects that most take for granted. When capturing these images, she is immersed in the saturated colour and shape of the subject, and the joy that each unique experience brings is translated to the film and then on to a print without digital manipulation. Grace explains; 'I have found a way to "paint" images with light and colour. My objective is to take my subjects (floral and man-made objects) and use them to create images that are painterly, yet photographic in the use of captured light'.

Her main influences come from Expressionist painters, mainly Kandinsky, Robert Delauney and Nicholas De Stael, her love of colour is inspired by The Impressionist and Fauvist movements. Grace also takes her inspiration from the work of photographers such as Brett Weston and Aaron Siskind.