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Katherine Lubar

Katherine Lubar grew up in the United States, where she studied Music Theory with a Minor in Fine Art at Meadows School of Fine Arts. Since moving to the UK, she has also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Painting, and has been a practicing artist in London for several years. The main subject of Katherine's work is light and space, although her paintings also often influenced by aspects from her studies of music, and her own experiences of living in the Unites States as a child and the UK as an adult. Everything Katherine paints is based on something she has seen, which is then worked out through numerous colour sketches, as colour is of vital importance to her work in the emotional and aesthetic expression of light. She says; 'I like the idea of space being perceived in different ways at the same time. I want the abstract planes, shapes, lines and colours to be emphasized more than the subject matter'. Katherine has exhibited extensively in the UK at many prestigious venues and shows including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.