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Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson obtained a Masters Degree in Fine Art in 1976 from Chelsea School of Art, London. Since graduation, his painting, engraving and prints have been exhibited in the United Kingdom and in international galleries. He has developed important commissioned work for institutions, public areas and private clients.

"In the gesture of marks and the form of surface, I seek an emotional response that is unique to the viewer. Each work is very specific in this intention to be a 'one-off' as a catalyst. The triggers are various; it might be a palm frond, a queue of people, a slew of printouts or footprints in the sand; it can be music; it could be a night out. My starting point is not the important part for as I paint, I forget the starting. Some evocative clues may be found in the titles, but often I find the title is a descriptive response to the completed piece.

I write, paint and make prints, I draw and work digitally. I am interested in the display screen images we rely on; collaborative working; and the new role that hand processes occupy."