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Mark McEvoy

For the last twenty years, Mark McEvoy has been a passionate photographer, having originally studied Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art, and Media at the London College of Printing. He is currently based in Malaga, Spain as a professional photographer. Mark comments; 'The figurative form has always fascinated me as a photographic subject which I have approached as I would a landscape, accentuating its contours and contrasts with a strong use of composition and graphic abstraction. By placing the nude in nature, it merges effortlessly with its surrounding environment. Washed in light, natural elements harmoniously embellish the shape and form of the body'. These subtle nudes have been taken at various locations around the world including Morocco, Portugal, Laos, Greece and Norway. Mark's work has featured in magazines, libraries, exhibitions, on book covers and even in a BBC documentary. His articulation of nature and truth are both apparent in these elegant expressions of the human form.