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Megan Hinds

From Illinois, USA, Megan Hinds is a graduate in Bachelor of Fine Arts: Printmaking/ Studio Design with a Minor in Art History from Illinois State University. Megan has taken part in an impressive range of solo, group and juried exhibitions where she has won awards, and also has experience in curating and various talks as a visiting artist.
"The ongoing investigation of nature's collective brilliance, communication and swarm accumulation is what fuels my artwork. Studying these behaviours of these worlds opens up new ways of thinking about human interactions and communication. With a world so involved with virtual communication, I think it is important to realise the value of this social dialogue.
As I continue to study the complexities of the ecosystems of my subject matter, I have been compelled to have my art reflect those details by utilising layering. The 3-D effect provides the viewer with an opportunity for exploration and discovery. The outer layers invoke camouflage and geometric movement. As the layers recede, the focal point of the piece becomes more organised and focused. These pieces are offering a picture of line, movement, and texture integrated in such a way as to display both uniformity and chaos, continuity and community."