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Myfanwy Johns

Myfanwy Johns has an impressive academic background in art, with a degree in Fine Art Painting, an MA in Fine Art, and a further MA in Visual Communication. She is currently carrying out research for a PhD into the applications of computer generated imagery and digital printing processes, to gauge their importance on the development of Fine Art Printmaking. Myfanwy is interested in making work that when placed in situ has an architectural or structural connection with it's surroundings. She is equally engaged in creating a synthesis between digital technology, painting, print and architecture - and there is an element of 'infinity' to her images, born out of the 'geometry of repetition'. Myfanwy has exhibited her work in the UK, Cuba, Hong Kong, Finland and Paris. She is the first winner of our own Indigo Art Prize, and she has also recently won a prize at the Discerning Eye national art competition for her innovative prints.