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Nick Holmes

Nick Holmes has been watching water for many years. As a self-taught photographer, he has found constant inspiration from the beautiful scenery of the Isle of Mull, where he has lived for several years. Nick comments; 'The streams and shore-lines of the Isle of Mull are the sites of acts of creation; nature's and mine. My photographs are the results of an on-going exploration of the ephemeral interfaces between water, air, light, rock and sand. The harmony of the observed seascape reflects the ordered chaos of its minute constituents, and the random interactions which occur generate natural form, and the genesis of the image'. American photographers of the 1960's and 70's such as Elliot Porter and David Muench have also provided Nick with inspiration, and his work effectively captures the transient and diverse nature of water. Nick has exhibited widely in London and the Netherlands, and his work has featured in various publications.