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Stephen Millership

"I grew up in Ilkeston within walking distance of beautiful countryside, and heavy industry. I moved to Manchester to study Graphic Design in my teens. Over the years I have worked in graphic design and computer games and became a founding member of a successful computer games company in Cheshire. More recently I have returned to illustration.

My art draws on the interest I have for the classic travel posters of the 1930's and the optimism for the future portrayed in many of these vintage works. My subject matter stretches from Tudor halls to the concrete Brutalism of the 1970's. My first dabble with the classic poster style was a couple of years ago when I started producing work of Ilkeston. Like many market towns it has suffered over recent years with the decline of traditional industries such as mining, steel manufacturing and the textile industry. I wanted to show the town in a positive light and was thrilled when the Erewash museum commissioned me to do a dozen more views.

The research process is important to me when working on a new location or subject and if I can finish an illustration with more knowledge than when I started then that is the perfect job."