Philip Mead

Phillip Mead has been a full-time professional painter since graduating in Fine Art at Gloucestershire College of Art, and then going on to complete an MA in Birmingham. His paintings are concerned with the experience of location and memory, utilising selected fictions and found material specific to both the place and the concept of the work. The found material can be in the form of xeroxes, maps, metal-sheeting and computer-generated images. The 'undercoat' is then painted over, scratched through, sanded off or acid-dissolved, in any order and combination. The resulting painting becomes charged with the build up of layers, traces and processes, as well as the initial idea and image. He explains; I am very interested in the 'stuff' of painting and the interaction of different materials, often with results that could not be foreseen. Consequently, the paintings are often worked on and changed over quite a long period of time'. Phillip has an impressive accolade of art awards and residencies, including spending six months at the National Gallery. He has exbibited extensively in the UK and abroad, and his paintings feature in collection in Oslo, Austria, Athens and India.